Paris 2

foto's van Eline - Ik in de metro, en wachtend ter hoogte van Grand Palais, terwijl Eline een foto probeert te nemen van de Arc de Triomphe temidden van een druk kruispunt op een klein verkeersplateautje ... leve de ochtendgloed der zon!

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  1. Dear Jana,

    Today, a friend told me that the employment rate in France is about 80 percent. Do you think that this might have caused a great deal of the unrest in France when you were visiting a few days ago. There was a time that Paris was well known throughout the world for its enlightened policies, beautiful cities, warm and friendly people. Is this all an illusion now? Is the attitude of the French people towards immigrants utterly unredeemable? We have heard some news, here in the U.S. about the violence, loss of life and property damage. What is the human toll? Do you have special insights about the situation that you can share? I hope that the next time you visit Paris, things will be a lot different so that you can truly just enjoy playing your music and participating in the cultural activities that are so rich in Paris.

    Samoht 12:04 am. 11/10/05